Current Research:

The following is a list of our current research projects:

  • Pre-Processing
    • Geometry Acquisition
    • Geometry Repair
    • Image-to-Geometry Conversion
  • Grid Generation
    • RANS Gridding
    • Parallel Grid Generation
    • Minimal-Input Gridding
  • Flow Solvers
    • Implicit Compressible Flow Solvers on Unstructured Dynamic Meshes
    • Implicit Incompressible Flow Solvers on Unstructured Dynamic Meshes
    • Vorticity Confinement for Vortex Tracking
    • Free Surface Hydrodynamics Solvers
    • Adaptive Mesh Refinement
    • Multigrid Solvers on Unstructured Grids
    • Optimal Shape Design
    • Particle and Particle-Mesh Solvers
    • Finite Point Solvers
    • Efficient Use of Supercomputing Hardware
  • Multidisciplinary Solvers
    • Fluid-Structure-Thermal Solvers
    • Scaling of Realistic Fluid-Structure-Thermal Runs to Hundreds of Thousands of Cores
  • Pedestrian/Crowd Simulation Tools
    • Network Models
    • Continuum Models
    • Micro-Modeling of Individual Pedestrians
    • Scalable Pedestrian/Crowd Simulation Tools
    • Adaptation of Pedestrian Modeling for Special Situations (Embassies, Consulates, Train Stations, Airports, Stadiums, Concerts, …)
    • Integration with Cars/Buses/Trains and Other Transportation Systems
    • Efficient Use of Supercomputing Hardware
  • In-Depth Application Areas
    • Blast Dynamics
    • Store Separation
    • Free Surface Flows
    • Hemodynamics (Blood Flow)
    • Atmospheric Transport
    • Porting of FEFLO and FEMAP to Massively Scalable Platforms
    • Porting of PEDFLOW to Massively Scalable Platforms
  • Post-Processing
    • Visualization and Data Synthesis
    • ZFEM: Collaborative Visualization for Parallel Multidisciplinary Applications

Past Research Presentations:

More Information:

View our project simulations and publications for more information on some of our Research