Compressible Flows

F117 Aircraft:

In this simulation the compressible flow field about an F117 aircraft is computed. An unstructured mesh is used for the computation. The flow field can be visualized with pressure contours on the aircraft surface and ribbons to trace the velocity vector field, as shown below.

World Trade Center:

The explosion of the World Trade Center in 1993 is simulated here, starting from a geometry or CAD definition. The pressure on the walls after 23 ms and after 287 ms are shown below .

747 Aircraft:

In this simulation we compute the flow field about a complete 747 aircraft. The geometry definition and the pressure on the surface of the aircraft can be found below.

Space Shuttle:

Compressible flow calculation over the entire space shuttle. The geometry definition, the pressure on the surface, and the surface pressure together with Mach number contours on a cutting plane can be seen below.